***NOTE: Some changes are highlighted in BOLD below

1. Competitive matches are played each week, but respect for other competitors and sportsmanship on and off the court are essential.

2. All players are strongly encouraged to appropriately wear approved safety eye-wear. Safety eye-wear is mandatory for players under the age of 18.

3. The league will consist of eight (8) teams each with a maximum of 7 players. The number of players on each team will depend on the number of registrations and only the first 56 players who register will be placed on teams. All additional players will be placed on the spares list if they so desire.

4. The cost to play in the league will be $100.00 which will be collected on the first night of play. If a player has not paid by the third night of play, they will be replaced by the first appropriate name on the spares list. Non-YMCA members are eligible to play but pay a league registration fee of $220.00. This fee provides free entry into the YMCA for league night matches.

5. If more players register for a particular level than there are available spots, last year’s statistics will be used where possible to determine an ordering of the players.

6. Registrations will be carried out through email ( until October 2nd.

7. League play will start on October 22nd at 5:30pm.

8. Best 3 out of 5 games. International rules are followed. The Dunlop double yellow dot ball is the official ball of the league. Balls will be provided for each court on league nights.

9. Play will be held at the Sudbury YMCA each Tuesday night starting at 5:30 pm and running until all encounters are completed.

10. Each match will be scheduled for a 30 minute window and as available time is limited, all players are expected to be ready to play at least 30 minutes prior to their schedule play time.

11. Penalty for players not arriving by scheduled game time are: 1 game default (more than 10 minutes late). Defaulted matches in which no notice is provided to the other player will result in the team losing a point in the tally for the encounter for the evening.  

12. Each player is responsible for finding a replacement for them should they not be able to play on a given league night. Any player DEFAULTING (no show and no attempt finding a spare) 4 MATCHES during the course of the league will be replaced by a spare.

13. While we encourage all players to be present on the night of league, players may play their match ahead of time but NOT after the said league night.

14. If you play your match ahead of time or you or your partner need to cancel and no spares are available resulting in the match not being played, then it is imperative that you contact your opponent or one of the league conveners to let them know.

15. Play during a particular evening will follow the reverse order of players (eg.  6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1) and this order will rotate every week (week 2 will be 1,6,5,4,3,2; week 3 will be 2,1,6,5,4,3; etc.).

16. Teams will be awarded 1 point for each match won and the teams with the most matches will be given and extra point as the winner of the encounter. Should teams be tied after the match count, then the winner of the encounter will be determined by total games won, and if this is also tied, by total points won. If after all of this the teams are still tied then each team will be awarded one half point.

17. Playoffs will be held over a couple of regular Tuesday nights in a tournament style at the end of the regular season.

18. During the playoff rounds, substitute players are not permitted except in the case of injury or vacation.

19. Prizes will be awarded for various achievements at the end of playoffs.

20. All matches MUST be officiated. The loser of the previous match MUST officiate the next match or must secure a replacement if they are unable to do so. A rules clinic can be held to help players with officiating of matches. If you are interested in a rules clinic, please indicate so when registering for the league.

20a.  Any player(s) who arrive first (or scheduled first) on each league night is asked to retrieve the ‘squash bag’ at the front desk at the YMCA.  Inside there are balls, scoresheets, pens, clipboards, tape and the current ‘Encounter sheets’ x2.  Please affix 1 appropriate ‘encounter sheet’ to each court and another to each clipboard with 7 blank scoresheets.

20b.  On each league night, the player(s) who play the last match of the night are asked to retrieve all clipboards with scoresheets, and all other related items, back to the squash bag and return to the front desk at the YMCA.  This is imperative for updating stats, preventing loss of data and/or supplies and is much appreciated.

21.  The season has been divided into quarters.  At the end of each quarter, the player with the highest points in their respective level is to challenge the player with the least points in the next higher level.  The winner gets the higher spot.  Challenges are to be arranged prior to next league night for scheduling purposes.  Although these challenges are available, there might be instances that players be moved positions if they are significantly too strong or weak for their original level.  This is more probable to happen with new players as their levels might not be accurate at the start.

22.  Players are ranked by points and not win averages.  

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